So poetry – pencil, paint on A3 paper

So poetry

are words in piles
heaps of muffled languages
shaken stirred scattered
among us
to see again
what order comes
of chaos


Writing has become a steadily growing feature of expression for me over theyears. I write every day, sometimes as intended published-pieces or equally as a strategic practice to partner my visual art progress and development. In 2018 I wrote, illustrated, designed, compiled and self-published (Blurb Books) my first book of verse with associated paintings, based on an exhibited presented at M16 Gallery. The same-titled Silk on the Road, 52-page hardcover edition (20 x 13 cm / 8 x 5in) is available for view (soon here) and or purchase (see shop soon)

Additional books are in the pipeline now. These include A Sydney Opera, (a flash large format visual art book with essay and narratives for on opera) and 1909 (a fictionalised bio and satire with paintings and drawings about an infamous cafe set in Monmarte way back then) and Librettos for the Market Place, (a highly visualised / ultra modern / tragi-comic opera with librettos and art design.

Am I looking for a publisher? Oh yes! If you can assist or recommend please see contact link .

Currently, I participant in a poem-centric online collaboration of artists and writers known as 365+1 Blog to see a selection of my 365+1 poetry click here

Recent Pop-up poetry performance and temporary installation featuring myself solo and hanging art work sails on silk relating to the theme ‘Walking the Road’ based on my Silk on the Road publication.
In this worthwhile experimental and ephemeral I posited my installation and recited my poetry to commuters at the Tuggeranong Bus Exchange, in South Canberra. This event provided a unique opportunity for public commuters to hear and experiencing live poetry in an unexpected venue. It was well received and I was lucky to accept many compliments. So roll on another ‘unexpected venue’ !