detail of Apolony synthetic polymer paint in fabric


This website is committed to sharing my art and art-making practice which revolves around painting, drawing and writing, 

As well as making art I teach art, maintaining two studios; one for each. 

I love art history, research and critiques of all things creative.      Somehow I also make time to co-curating a mimi-art-gallery in the wall, blogging and documenting my processes.

I see life and art as a journey. I love this analogy and metaphor.


I try to live by the saying: you can only try to control what you can so let go of what you can’t…


Just begin, continue,  innovate, transform, reflect, take care  & dream…

Each day we continue our own life journeys, not really knowing what will come our way.                                                                                                            

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Silk on the Road Painting and Poetry project 2018