After the Rain – synthetic polymer paint , gold leaf on canvas 92 x 94 cm

I am engaged with visual art, writing and community arts.
My own ‘art practice’ forms the basis of a hybrid artistic approach.
I don’t divorce painting from installation-art or drawing from a poem or an art class from a book or performance etc.

As a visual artist I paint, draw, construct and create paintings or installation art. As a writer I combine my visual artwork with poetry, essays and blogs. I have self-publish a small book and more in the pipeline. I am also an art educator, mentor and part-time curator.

My preferred definition of art goes something like – Art is simply the act taking what is inside ourselves and putting it outside as human expression, yet how and what we create is an individual unfurling of this trait. It becomes a process, a method and a habit. I seek to live the artist life.

As an artist I produce artefacts, writing, education and also creative collaborative events.