The painting below depicts a basket set in a swirling world of sea and air with tiny gold leaf elements underneath.

Subtlety scrawled across the background is the repeated title words ‘after the rain’ . These words are here to invest in that title, a kind of banner and lexical provocateur to trigger a deeper narrative.

These components merge to point to the idea that after the rain (nature) it’s watery contents do simply just fall through the basket (a man made device), and seemingly nothing is gathered. Yet the whole process of the attempt to ‘gather’ is somehow and metaphorically rewarded by an allegorical appearance gold. The allegory here reminds, that very action is followed by a reaction.

Just as being caught in rain doesn’t always lead to merely getting wet and soggy, but an array of potential possibilities are on hand if one cares to look. It’s up the the audience to see or find these.

After the Rain – synthetic polymer paint , gold leaf on canvas 92 x 94 cm

As a visual artist I paint, draw, construct and create paintings and installation art. My art is usually made with more diverse materials other than only paint. These additional materials, while being aesthetically pleasing, harmonising or even provocative are essentially reassigned in a particular artwork to trigger or transcend their inherent meanings and used to build an innovative and more explicit visual arrangement, narrative and/or reference to the artwork’s meaning and purpose. The apparent veiling is either delved into by the viewer or ignored, still leaving an aesthetically pleasing object.

For me poetry is similarity composed and crafted but using words and language as the materials.

Also being a writer, I sometimes instinctively combine my visual artwork with poetry, essays and other written narratives or sometimes not at all.

I have self-published artist book-works and others are in the pipeline. I regularly compose for and contribute to creative internet blogs. I would not be adverse to having a publisher or being published.

I am also an art educator, mentor and part-time curator. I love this dimension to my practice where I get to extend and share my artistic knowledge and insight in collaborations and satisfyingly break-out of traditional solo-visual-art practices. I always return fresher and inspired to re-inhabit that solo creative art world I call my own.

My preferred definition of art goes something like this… Art is simply the act taking what is inside and recreating it on the outside as a human expression. There is no good bad or indifferent art, just art but we all get to choose what we like.

I seek to live the artist life everyday.