Jeffree Michael is a visual artist, writer and art educator based in Australia’s national capital. He creates paintings, drawings, installation art, collages and found object art.erything

I create a hybrid visual language that aims to allegorise my artistic insights into an individual/personal vision to understand its relationships in society and culture

For me art is a way to procepayss and make sense of the every-day and those mysteries of life. I hope my work  my investigation into the notion everything in a 

Lousie  Bourgeois stated that ‘art is a guarantee to sanity’   see ref





and metaphors that tensions between materials and his own social, historical  & cultural contexts. The art works are essential narrative and allegorical while some push  up close to what appears near abstraction.

His written expression includes poetic and narrative styles that usually follow on from his visual artworks and are often combined to reflect and re-imagine the prevailing thematic and technical issues he engages.

Jeffree Michael is essentially a story teller and restless purveyor of expressing a hybrid means of communication.

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see Silk on the Road Painting and Poetry project 2018